Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Natural Toothache Remedy

I have had a horrible toothache for a couple of days now. There is nothing that I hate worse than a toothache. It just radiates through your entire head. Unfortunately I have a cavity that needs some work, but I cannot get into my dentist for a few weeks.
To be frank, this sucks. I could not believe it when they told me they could not get me in for an appointment for that long.
So when the pain flared back up today, I took to the internet.
I searched out some remedies for a toothache that I can do at home.
My first priority is managing the pain. I found an interesting pin on Pinterest. It said to use Vanilla Extract. I had never thought of that before, but it makes sense.

Simply take a cotton ball or swab and dip it into your vanilla extract. Then you rub it on the area with the toothache. I rubbed it around the tooth and gums. You could also leave your cotton ball soaked in the vanilla in your mouth for a few minutes.
This, of course, is only for temporary relief. The rubbing can ease some pain, but it mostly comes from the extract itself. The vanilla has a small concentration of alcohol and numbs the area. It also doesn't hurt that the smell and taste are great.

I tried this and it relieved the pain for an hour or so. I had to repeat it a few times over the day but it was better than the pain.
I do want to say that you should make sure it is PURE VANILLA EXTRACT and not Imitation Vanilla Extract. Those are 2 different things.

I hope no one out there has a toothache, but if you do, give this a try! It worked better than I thought it would.


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  2. I agree with you 100%, mommy! A toothache is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Sometimes, the pain of a toothache is so unbearable that you feel like your whole head is throbbing. I'm glad you found a homemade remedy that works for you. Cheers!

    Calandra Novak @ WhitFordsDentist.com.au

  3. This is very interesting. It was really a good thing that you were able to find a natural remedy for your toothache. Vanilla extracts of course, have some form of alcohol that does numb the pain, but will not really relieve the toothache. So, did you go to a dentist?
    Jairo Chavez

  4. I have had a toothache for the past month and it won't go away! I guess that is a sign that I should probably see a dentist. I've done all of the little tips and tricks to get rid of the pain but that only works for so long. I need a more permanent solution. http://www.designsmiles.com

  5. Thanks for this post, I am considering talking about the same in my blog.

  6. Hello. Thank you so much for sharing this one, I will recommend that to my friend so that she can cure her toothache. Thanks!


  7. hey thanks for the info that can be really helpful for temporary relief but its always a safe option to go the dentist for a check up!!

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